Air Brush Tanning

Create a healthy, stunning tan in just one application

in the comfort of your own home! 


Minimum of 2 people required to book tanning service at your location up to 20 mile radius from 08083, additional travel fee may apply outside travel area.

$50 PP


Minimum of 4 people required to book a party at your location up to 25 mile radius from 08083. HOSTESS is FREE with 5 or more booked services. Travels fees may apply outside included travel area.

$40 PP

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How does Airbrush Tanning work?

The sunless tanning solution contains DHA, dihydroxyacetone, a product approved by the FDA, which when airbrushed on to the skin, reacts with the amino acids on the outer layer of your skin to develop a safe and natural looking tan. The tan can last for about 5-10 days depending on your natural tanning ability and aftercare.

I will personally apply the solution through an airbrush gun while you stand in my pop up spray tan tent, which will protect your home from any over spray. You will instantly notice a bronzing effect, but the color will continue to darken after the initial application, typically needing 6-8hours to fully develop. Once you bathe, any excess product will wash off the skin, leaving the remaining color produced by the DHA.

After being airbrushed.
After being airbrushed.
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How to prepare for an appointment:

- Make sure your skin is clean and exfoliated - Do NOT apply any lotions, makeup or deodorant - Have any waxing or shaving done at least the day before 

- Have on hand, loose fitting clothing for after the application
- If you choose to wear a bathing suite or undergarments during the application, please make sure they are old, as the solution could possibly stain them



How to care for your airbrush tan:

- Refrain from getting wet until the tan has had time to fully develop,about 6- 8 hours, that includes no exercises that could possibly make you sweat
- After your first post-tan shower, use a mild,hydrating shower gel, and remember to pat yourself dry with a towel
- Avoid contact with any harsh chemicals that will strip your skin, like benzylperoxide or salicylic acid
- Hydrating your skin, preferably with a tan extender, is important in maintaining your tan as it will help in extending your color and keep it 
smooth and even for the next couple of weeks