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Wedding Information

Congratulations on your engagement! I know a wedding is a very important time in a woman's life. You may feel stressed about many things during this time, but one thing you show not have to be concerned with is how you're going to look on your special day. Hiring a highly trained, certified professional will guarantee you a camera ready, beautiful fresh face. Why not enjoy the luxury of having a team of personal stylists comes to you and your bridal party for some special pampering? On the day of your wedding you can relax without having to worry about traffic, the weather, or stylists at a salon running behind schedule, while we beautify you and your bridal party in your own comfortable environment.



When contacting me with your wedding date, please make sure to include the following information:

  • Date of the wedding

  • Location of where you would like the services to be performed

  • Time you would need to be ready by

  • The number of people interested in receiving services*

  • Any other questions you may have

* Please take note that depending on the month and day, a minimum may be required to book services.


Trial Application

Though not necessary, a trial application allows for a smoother wedding day, as your colors and 
style will have already been determined. I will personally visit you at the location of your choice 
(restrictions do apply) to discuss all the options and any ideas you may have, as well as perform 
the application.  During the trial:


  • It is best to wear a white shirt or a color closest to your wedding gown

  • Make sure you have a clean face and you moisturize at least 20 minutes prior to my arrival

  • Please feel free to show me any sample pictures of your desired looks

  • Once we choose the proper colors for your look, they will be carefully documented on your 
    "face sheet", which will also include any special details that need to be noted to recreate 
    your look for the wedding day

  • I will take before and after photos so that you can see a preview of how you will look 
    photographed, and email them to you

  • Allow 1-2 hours for your session

When you book a trial, it does not mean you have reserved your wedding date, I will temporarily 
hold your date until the trial session. At that time you can then choose to book your wedding date 
with me, which requires a contract and deposit. If another bride should inquire about the same 
date before your trial, i will notify you so that you can properly book your date or you may need to 
give it up to the other bride.


Wedding Day

On your wedding day you can be assured that things will run smoothly and in a timely matter, as I 
travel to the location of your choice.  On your wedding day:


  • I can accommodate bridal parties of all sizes, ranging from 1 -13 people

  • I will analyze each person's skin tone and custom blend the makeup to suit their needs

  • I will make sure that each person is given the proper amount of time necessary and feels 
    truly satisfied with their look

  • Please allow at least 30 minutes per person for makeup and 45 min-1hr for the bride



Booking Your Date

The contract of agreement must be filled out, signed, and sent along with the appropriate deposit 
(determined on the contract).

I am based in South Jersey, about 30 minutes outside of Center City Philadelphia. For any event that is outside my included travel area, a travel fee will apply.  Please inquire for more details on travel fees.


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